Getting Rid of Air Conditioning Mold

moldMany people have central air conditioners either in their businesses or homes particularly in Florida where the heat and humidity are elements to reckon with. AC systems do an excellent job in removing humidity, but over time, debris and dust combines with the damp air and starts accumulating inside the air blower, handler, and even the duct system. In North Florida, there is a trend where mold grows inside the air systems thanks to cold air that get blown in.

HVAC experts recommend that indoor air handlers should be opened as part a repair and maintenance schedule because oftentimes these handlers become home to mold. Most homeowners are unaware of the existence of mold in these areas and thus it takes the advice, experience, and expertise of a HVAC technician to unearth such growths.

Treating Mold Growth in ACs

There are a number of processes and products that can be used to enhance the quality of indoor air. However, most of these products just treat the debris and mold instead of removing it completely from these areas.

• Ductwork – The best cleaning system for ducts is the Rotobrush which has a rotating brush and a long vacuum type hose. The hose is normally fed into each vent and then the rotating brush scrubs the insides of the ducts. This dislodges debris and mold while the vacuum takes it away.

• Evaporator Coil – Getting a good strong coil cleaner can help you in getting rid of the mold that builds up on the evaporator coil.

• Blower – The best way to clean the blower and get rid of the mold is to remove and disassemble it from the motor.

When the mold and debris are finally removed, you can ensure it is completely gone using the below steps:

Installing a Quality Filter

A good quality pleated filter can help you stop debris and a good percentage of dust particles from entering into the ducts and air handler. If your budget is not large enough, you can go for a disposable pleated filter.

Using UV Light

Despite the wet evaporator coil and the humidity of Florida air, installing a UV light can stop mold from growing back. UV light has been used in so many areas including clinics and hospitals to fight microbes including bacteria. These lights work well when installed at the center of the evaporator coil. Take care when using UV lighting because it can easily burn the retina of your eyes in a matter of seconds.

Finding a licensed and insured HVAC contractor can be the best approach to mold concerns in your home.

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