How Do I Know Which AC is Right for My Home?


There are several factors that affect the size and the efficiency of your central air conditioner such as the thickness and type of your insulation as well as the height of your ceilings. Finding the right size of AC system will be a great idea for you and your family. To properly size an air conditioning unit, you will need a detailed load calculation as well as evaluation of your home. Hiring a reputable and professional HVAC company will help you in this!

Load Calculation

The appropriate way to calculate the size of an AC system you require in your Weston home is by running a load calculation referred to as Manual-J in HVAC industry terms. A Manual-J calculation is a comprehensive detailed analysis of your home’s heating and air conditioning needs. There are two types of load calculations; a room-by-room load calculation and a whole house load calculation.

Whole House Load Calculation – This is also known as block calculation. It’s an analysis to determine the cooling needs for the entire house. It includes the number of windows and their efficiency rating, heat transfer through your concrete slab, heat transfer between walls, type of insulation, number of people in your home, the type and the amount of lighting in your house, and the type of ducting amongst others.

Room-by-Room Load Calculation – This type of load calculation involves calculation of heat transfer between the walls, type and amount of insulation in the room, type and amount of lighting in the room, number of occupants per room, number of windows and their efficiency. The best thing with this type of Manual-J is that it gives an accurate idea of the size of the AC most suitable for your home.

Whole House vs. Room-By-Room Load Calculation

A whole house Manual-J is best suitable when you are replacing your older central air conditioning system, but not your ducting. A room-by-room load calculation is a great idea when you are installing/replacing both the air conditioner and the ducting. It’s worth noting that if your ductwork is not well installed, it leads to loss of too much energy and therefore money.

Evaluation of Your Home

To determine the right size of an air conditioner, the HVAC contractor will evaluate several things in regard to your home. Some of the parameters he will consider include the size of your house, the architectural design and well as the climatic conditions and weather patterns.

Investing in the right air conditioning unit in your Weston home will ensure that your system is working at its peak efficiency and you will enjoy great comfort of your home without spending much on energy costs.

If you live in Weston and the surrounding areas, we’d be happy at Weston Air Conditioning to help ensure your AC system is installed properly and is running efficiently. Give us a call today at (954) 639-9438 and you’ll be happy you did!

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