How to Ensure Your AC is Ready for the Florida Summer

HVAC-MaintenanceAlmost everybody who has been through winter can tell you how anticipated spring and summer is. The sunshine and the warmth are just what most people need and look forward to. However, the frenzy and excitement of spring makes many homeowners and indeed businesses forget that summer is just around the corner. With summer comes the question-is your air conditioning system up to the task and challenge posed by the sweltering heat of Weston?

Whether you have a designated contractor who carries out a scheduled maintenance service or not, you have the responsibility to ensure that you AC units are inspected and working right. Your comfort and that of your family depends on how efficient your AC systems are.

Ensuring your AC systems are in top gear means that your power bills will certainly take a dip and hence significantly cut down your overall household summer budget. In addition to the power bills, instances of emergency breakdowns will also reduce in number. The following tips will go a long way into ensuring that your ac unit cools you off during summer.

Cleaning or Replacing the Filters

The two main types of filters in the market are washable and disposable filters. The washable ones are slightly expensive because they last longer and serve for more terms while the disposable one has to be replaced after its term expires. Irrespective of the type of filter, you need to change or clean them once every month. This is because dusty and dirty filters make your AC unit work extra hard so as to deliver the desired output. This wears down the system faster and makes it susceptible to periodic failures and breakdowns.

Clean the Condenser Unit

The condenser unit is located in the outdoor component of the AC unit. Due to its exposure to the elements, the condenser unit mostly suffers blockages from grass clippings, plant growth and accumulated debris. The condenser coil should be cleaned regularly to reduce its resistance which can potentially reduce the AC systems’ efficiency. Before cleaning the unit, make sure the thermostat is off.

Ensure the Ductwork is clean

The ductwork is often forgotten during clean-ups because of its location within ceilings and walls. Professional duct cleaners however make use of equipment that can access even across bends and hidden spaces. When the ductwork is being cleaned, all its constituents parts including registers must be inspected for water and wear damage.

Inspect the Fan Belts

Fan belts become loose or misaligned after running continuously through winter. What this means is that they either need replacement or adjustment for them to continue functioning effectively. When doing replacements, the measurements should be carefully considered so that the belts purchased fit the existing system without compromise. Fan belts are among the top AC components that make significant contributions to the efficiency of the system.

So as to make your work easier and eliminate any doubt you may have concerning the suitability of your system for summer, contact a professional to carry out a pre-season tune up. This will ensure all your problems are addressed before they escalate into bigger issues in summer

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