What’s SEER Rating and Why Is It So Important?

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If you are thinking of purchasing a new air conditioning system, it is important to understand SEER rating. Also known as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, SEER is a rating that comes from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program. It measures the ability of an air conditioner to utilize energy efficiently and effectively. The SEER rating therefore enables you to choose the perfect air conditioner for your home’s and families’ needs.

How to Calculate SEER Rating

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating is calculated by taking the cooling output of an AC during a typical summer season and dividing it with the total use of power in watt hours during the entire season. The result is typically a number between 13 and 23. The higher the number, the more energy-efficiency the system is.

2015 SEER Rating Changes

The federal rules on the minimum Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating for different AC units now acknowledge that warmer climates put a higher load on air conditioning systems. As such, from 1st January, 2015, all split system cooling and heating systems must have a minimum 14 SEER rating. The purpose of this is to increase the minimum efficiency of HVAC systems in places where they are mostly used.

Importance of SEER Ratings

It is in public domain that energy costs have been skyrocketing for both residential and commercial premises across the United States. It is therefore of paramount importance to invest in a HVAC system that can enable you to use energy more efficiently. Air conditioning systems with higher SEER ratings use less energy to attain the same cooling results achieved with a lower SEER rating unit. What this means is that with a higher SEER rating system, you can be able to enjoy great comfort in your home all year round while reducing monthly energy costs.

If your air conditioning unit is more than 10 years old, replacing it with a higher energy-efficiency model will be a great thing. This will enable you save a significant amount of money in terms of energy bills. In addition, more energy-efficient HVAC units improve your home’s carbon footprint and this helps to protect Mother Nature for future generations.

Getting Professional Help

Whether you are buying a brand new AC unit or replacing your older one, ensure you get one that will meet your family’s unique needs while saving on your monthly utility bills. A professional HVAC contractor can help you in making the right purchase decision.

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